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                The development of hunan precious historical opportunity

                2013/12/12      view:

                Hunan delegation held a group meeting, for the third time he guoqiang to participate in the review

                On March 6, the political bureau of the CPC central committee and secretary of the central discipline inspection commission he guoqiang came over to the three times of the 11th National People's Congress meeting of hunan delegation, review the government work report together with the representatives.Here, he guoqiang and Wang Anan represents a cordial handshake.

                He guoqiang to solve the problem of the people reflect strongly

                He guoqiang said that last year, in the face of complex changes in the international and domestic situation and the severe challenges, the party central committee with comrade hu jintao as the general secretary, scientific decision-making, commanding the whole unity led the Chinese people of all ethnic groups in the party, strengthen confidence, grasped the nettle and united, overcome difficulties, the party and the state have made new achievements in various undertakings., he said premier wen jiabao's government work report, summarized the work of the government in 2009, clearly put forward the overall requirements and major task for the government this year, is a practical, inspiring good report, I'm all for it.

                He guoqiang in hunan affirmed his job last year.He pointed out that the current development of hunan is standing at a new historical starting point, facing a precious historical opportunity.To seriously implement the central spirit, fully aware of the importance of speed up the transformation of economic development patterns and urgency, firm structure, down-to-earth to promote transformation, to speed up the "two type society" construction of changsha-zhuzhou-xiangtan urban agglomeration area comprehensive reform as engines, strive to build a competitive modern industrial system as a strategic support, to advance the modern agriculture and new socialist countryside construction as the foundation engineering, the basic power, deepen reforms and open still wider to the outside world to speed up in order to ensure and improve people's livelihood as the key point of social development as an important guarantee, constantly create a new situation in reform, opening up and socialist modernization construction of hunan.

                He guoqiang introduces the party to build a clean government and anti-corruption work.He stressed that the important deployment to resolutely implement the central about anti-corruption and requirements, adhere to enlarge, comprehensive treatment, to punish with prevention, pay attention to the policy of prevention, around the center, the service general situation, highlight the key, the whole advancement and innovation, vigorously promotes the implementation, the party to build a clean government and combat corruption continuously made new achievements, to reform, development and stability.To thoroughly study and apply the spirit of the fourth plenary session of the 17th and general secretary hu jintao at the fifth plenary session of the 17th central commission for discipline inspection important speech spirit as a common thread throughout the year work, vigorously promotes the task implementation, strengthen the supervision and inspection, strict political discipline, to ensure that the central order;To implement the central requirements, in response to social concerns, to solve the people reflect strongly in the construction of the anti-corruption of prominent problems, with movement of the construction of the new results public;To focusing on "four daxing" vigorously strengthen the style construction, strive to improve the style of leading bodies and leading cadres, determined to remedy improper practices that harm public interests and promoting the construction of movement, promoting party government ethics and social conduct improvement;Party member the leading cadre to be implemented to clean politics several criteria as an opportunity to strengthen the education supervision, strive to resolve problems involving leading cadres clean-fingered self-discipline, strengthen the restriction of power operation and supervision;To strengthen construction of anti-corruption system as an outstanding task to grasp, establish a sound system for punishing and preventing corruption institutions, strive to improve the system of executive power, enhance the system efficiency, promote the construction of anti-corruption scientific, institutionalization, standardization.

                During the meeting, Mr Zhang, zhou qiang, Zhang Jianfei, xiang wenbo, flat, Li Yi dragon, zhang Zhang Deming speeches, li Yang, Li Youmei representative, everyone around the transformation of the mode of development, the construction of two type society, speed up the construction of corner overtaking, education strong province, improve people's livelihood, such as subject, talk about the ideas, Suggestions were put forward.Comprehensive xinhua news agency reporter Zhang Zongtang, our reporter Zhou Huaping reports

                Zhang want to concentrate on structure adjustment

                Delegation zhang presided over the meeting yesterday.Zhang said that premier wen jiabao's government work report shows the requirements of the scientific outlook on development and, 17 third and fourth plenary session of the 17th national congress of the spirit, through the promoting steady and rapid economic development, speed up the transformation of economic development patterns of the main line, to answer for the international financial crisis after age development in our country a series of major issues.Report a high concern for people's livelihood, comply with the hearts and minds, reflect public opinion and reflect the people's new anticipation.Is a cohesive forces, boost confidence, practical, scientific decision-making of good report.Last year, in the face of the international financial crisis hit hard and the most difficult economic situation, the CPC central committee and the state council unity led the people across the country has overcome difficulties and crisis into opportunities, and fully reflects the high level of the party central committee and state council political wisdom, excellent strategic courage and high level of competence.Hunan people to the strong leadership with comrade hu jintao as general secretary of the CPC central committee under the great achievements of the proud, and very reliable.

                Zhang said that the successful experience of tackling the international financial crisis fully embodies in hunan.Faced with multiple difficulties and severe challenges, hunan further implement the scientific outlook on development, conscientiously implement the central decision-making and deployment, vigorously advances the strategy of "a sanki", go all out to sustaining economic growth and ensuring people's livelihood, maintaining stability, economic and social development made significant achievements.The strong leadership of the CPC central committee and the state council, is the decisive element that we successfully overcome all difficulties;Resolutely and creatively implement the central policy decisions, is overcome all difficulties and the key to our success;Giving full play to the advantages of the party's political and organizational advantage, is the basic guarantee we successfully overcome all difficulties.

                Around to speed up the transformation of economic development patterns, zhang said that one is on the ideological understanding, to strengthen the sense of responsibility and sense of urgency.Second, on the work guide, put the focus on the transformation of the pattern of economic development and adjust the economic structure.Three is determined in thinking should be based on the situation and the development stage characteristics, to speed up the development and transformation of the mode of development of organic unify, continue to unswervingly implement the strategy of "a sanki".Four is in focus, to focus on structural adjustment.Five is on the safeguard measures, to improve the level of party building more scientific.To seriously implement the spirit of the central commission for discipline inspection five plenary session, the implementing measures for the implementation of "the rule of integrity" and its forthcoming, as an important task for maintaining steady and rapid economic development, speed up the transformation of economic development patterns provide important guarantee.

                Zhou qiang pay more attention to improve the livelihood of the people

                Zhou qiang representative said that premier wen jiabao's government work report, highlights the implementation of scientific outlook on development, accelerate transformation of the mode of development of the subject, is the newest theoretical results which our party study practice scientific development concept.Last year, hunan fully completed the sustaining economic growth and ensuring people's livelihood, maintaining stability, the objectives, fully demonstrated the central party committee to cope with the international financial crisis package plan and policy measures are timely, forceful and effective, is completely correct.In 2010, hunan will speed up structural adjustment, to speed up the transformation development way, strive to promote the new industrialization, pay more attention to promote the upgrading of industrial structure;Promoting independent innovation, pay more attention to rely on scientific and technological progress, to improve the quality of workers and management innovation to promote economic growth;To promote the development of modern agriculture, pay more attention to strengthen agriculture as the foundation;Strive to promote the reform and opening up, pay more attention to the use of two markets and two resources;Focus on promoting the construction of changsha-zhuzhou-xiangtan experimental zone, pay more attention to saving resources and protecting the ecological environment;Focus on promoting the construction of a harmonious society, pay more attention to improve the livelihood of the people.

                Deputy head of hunan delegation qi peace, li j, in the mountain, the handful, showers and Yang Zhengwu, Kang Weimin, Gong Jiahe, Zhao Fudong, Wu Xiangdong representatives attended the meeting.