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                The development trend of low voltage electrolytic capacitor

                2013/12/12      view:

                The irreplaceability of electrolytic capacitor paper: with the development of science and technology, especially the integrated circuit (IC), the development of very large scale integrated circuit (VLSI), the capacitor industry sustainable development, and even no survival between by the attention of people, however, since 1987, global capacitor production is growing at more than 20% a year, to dispel the doubt.Practice shows that has a strong vitality and unsubstitutable electrolytic capacitor.

                On the one hand, due to the presence of the IC, make some small capacity of the capacitor was integrated into the internal circuit;On the other hand, the development of the IC the working frequency of the circuit system is greatly increased, result in electrolytic capacitor replaced by other capacitor in the part of the circuit.But the power of the IC circuit part is always inseparable from the electrolytic capacitor.

                In addition, the improvement of the performance of the electrolytic capacitor itself to other application fields of capacitor.

                Aluminum electrolytic capacitor, therefore, are not under the impact of the other capacitor, and large capacity of unit volume, large capacity of electrostatic, high volume, easy to miniaturization and self-healing characteristics, price is low wait for an unique advantage.In addition, the low pressure little capacity, although there is competition, the way out is to speed up research and development of technology, to strengthen and continue to expand the existing advantages, electrolytic capacitor to overcome its own shortcomings.Especially in recent years, the electrolytic capacitor has made great breakthroughs in many aspects, achieve a qualitative leap.Not only its share of the market not narrowed, on the contrary, to expanding its application field, present a high-speed growth, ushered in the many unprecedented opportunities for development.As one of its three main raw materials of electrolytic capacitor paper has a mature product, low manufacturing cost, good environmental protection biodegradable, absorbent, high temperature resistant irreplaceable advantages, such as for some electrolytic capacitor paper also has no alternative.

                The development trend of low voltage electrolytic capacitor paper

                1, low loss,

                For electrolytic capacitor, its loss value depends on the size of the electrode foil intrinsic dielectric loss and the equivalent series resistance of the electrolyte.When electrode foil the intrinsic dielectric loss of certain, reduce the loss of the main measures is to improve the absorption of the electrolytic capacitor paper.In order to improve the absorption of low voltage electrolytic paper sex, in most of the manufacturers use S, M, C, B, E with lower loss values, such as fiber as raw materials for the low voltage electrolytic paper, and on the premise of guarantee the tensile strength reduces the density of paper, the current NKK company MER0.5, MR5D0. The density of products has reached 0.35 g/cm3.In terms of production technology, S2 series products in China for the first time used fiber transverse alignment technology, by increasing the fiber longitudinal capillary imbibition effect so as to improve the lateral and absorption of the paper.In terms of product structure, most manufacturers adopt double-layer composite multi-layer composite structure even reduce the loss of low voltage electrolytic paper value.

                2, high purity,

                Leakage current is larger electrolytic capacitor faults, the performance of low voltage electrolytic capacitor for precision demand is higher, therefore also has special requirements for leakage current, coupling capacitor in high-gain preamplifier stage, for example, require no leakage current can guarantee the quality of high fidelity stereo equipment, thus reduce the leakage current is meet the requirements of the important topics.And the purity of electrolytic paper as raw materials for the electrolytic capacitor is the key factors influencing the leakage current.

                3, high strength thin

                As electrolytic capacitor production automation degree is higher and higher, the capacitor lapped in improving speed, on the strength of the electrolytic paper also more and more high, especially for low voltage electrolytic capacitor paper, on the one hand, because of its to meet the requirements of electrolytic capacitors, low loss and miniaturization, performance is to have good performance in the paper the absorbent (low density);On the other hand, in order to meet the requirements of miniaturization of capacitor, electrolytic paper will be more and more thin, but the low density or thickness is too thin will influence the strength of the electrolytic paper.Therefore, on the premise of meet the capacitor of low loss and miniaturization, increase the compressive strength of low voltage electrolytic capacitor paper will be a direction of the future development of low voltage electrolytic capacitor paper.